Sunday, January 20, 2008


That’s right people…..We got snow in the dirty dirty! On Saturday it snowed a good chunk of the day. Granted it was not anything crazy if you live or have lived in areas where it snows with any consistency. But for ATL this was a pretty big deal. I was pretty excited myself considering I have not seen any “Winter Weather” first hand since my first winter in ATL, 3 winters ago.

I went out to drop my car off at the shop and pick up a rental and the roads where pretty empty. I then proceeded to go to the grocery to pick up some Green Light and munchies. I walked into mass pandemonium! It was pretty funny. When I was driving home Channel 2 Action News was even posted up on the side of the road covering the "Snow Story."

And of course all of the snow is mostly melted today. But at least everyone in ATL has enough bread, eggs, milk and what not to last them 3 weeks.

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