Sunday, February 22, 2009

Circus de Soleil

Last night Terri, her parents and myself went to check out the Cirucs de Soleil act in Atantic Station. It was freakin awesome! That was the frist time I had seen any of the Kooza acts and enjoyed every moment of it. It was actually the first time I had been to any circus since I saw The Ringling Brothers as a wee lil guy. This was no Ringling Brothers though. Lots of cool stuff like crazy tight rope walkers, a duo dancing with one unicycle, a dude balancing and making a chair tower that was prob 30 feet high, some cool contortionists and many others.

My favorite act by far was "The Wheel of Death". There were two dudes that were in this act. Each had there own hamster like wheel. The wheels were on either side of a long steel arm. They basically made this thing go round and round, vertically, in doing so they got major air inside the wheel and outside of the wheels by jumping around as the apparatus spin around. I was pretty freakin rad. My uncanny nack for bad descriptions does this act no justice. I had a great time, many thanks to Terri and her parents!

Since cameras were not aloud I couldn't get any pics, so I had to borrow these of the information highway.

The Contortionists. These ladies were crazy. One did something like the exorsism movie but with her whole body instead of her head.

The Wheel of Death! These duded were freakin awesome. I told Teri that I was going to try and be one. Dont worry, not goin to happen, not that bad a$$

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Vday At The Aquarium

This past weekend Terri and I got to spend our first Valentines together, and we had a blast! We started off by going to one of my favorite spots, the Georgia Aquarium! Terri know's how much I love that place so she got a hook up on a behind the scenes tour. Well done Cook!

We started off with Lunch and took a look at some of the different exhibits. Then headed off on our tour.! It started off on some behind the scenes areas and offices. Then headed over to the Ocean Voyeger Exhibit. Which was totally cool, we got to see the Whale Sharks up close and personal via the catwalk that goes over the tank. Then we headed over to see Terri's favorite, the Buluga Whales. We didnt get to stand over the water at this exhibit but still got a good view of them and their surroundings. After that we got to go over the Coral Reef Tank and got to see something that not everyone else gets to see. Off of the coral Reef Tank is a area that houses a bunch of Zebra Shark babys. They were really cool, were so close we could almost reach out and touch them! then we got to see another holding area that had some baby Rays, Zebra Fish and some one of my favorite sharks, the Wobbegong Shark. Unfortunetly I couldn't get any good pics of them. Then we headed out!

Check out Terri's blog for what we got into that night.

Thanks for the great time Terri, I loved each and every moment!!!

Prom Picture Infront Of the Coral Reef Tank

Some Sketchy Piranha

This Clown Fish Jumped Out Of His Tank To Get A Pic With Terri

One Of My Fav's A Leafy Snap Dragon

Terri with The Buluga Whales In The Background

Right On Top Of One Of The Whale Sharks

One Of the Baby Zebra Sharks


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upcoming Movies

During the Super Bowl two movie previews aired on TV for the first time. I was pretty excited about it cause they are two movies I have been waiting for. Check out the trailers below.

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bastible Wedding

On Saturday night Terri and I went to the Biltmore for Aaron and Megan's Wedding. The Ceremony and Wedding was great. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to see the beginning of Aaron and Megan's lives together. After the Ceremony and Reception a group of us went over to Gibney's for some more drinks, pool and shuffle board.

Congratulations Aaron and Megan!

Aaron and Megan

Megan and the Bridesmaids

The Man of The Hour

Terri and I

Mac and Ali

Scott, Janice, Terri, Barret and Michelle

Barret and Michelle playin some Shuffle Board

Terri Schoolin Me At Shuffle Board