Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football Is Back!!!!

Well my friends.....Football is back! The College Football season opened up this week. As usual there were highs and lows for me as a College Football Fan.

The lows had to be my Ducks losing on Thursday to Boise State on the infamous Blue Turf and my Terps also lost in disturbing fashions to Cal. What made the Oregon lose even worse was the fact that one of the running backs, LeGarrette Blount, sucker punched one of Boise States players at the end of the game. Not very sportsman like. And the Maryland lose was pretty much embarrassing, 52 - 13......

Despite the loses of my favorite teams something else happened that made it all better.....That being Oklahoma losing to BYU. I really dont like Oklahoma, and pretty much never have. And them losing to a Non-BCS team made it all better. Despite the fact that I do not like Oklahoma I do feel bad for Sam Bradford was injured. I do realize that the injury was a big factor in the lose, but you cant take that away from BYU. As it may it's still as lose. This week 1 lose and a very tough Big 12 schedule hopefully means that they will not be in the National Championship picture come December.

Looking forward to a good season. Just a couple more weeks till NFL, Terri and I just got the NFL Season Ticket.....So it will be even better! I can now watch my Skins every week!