Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fart Smeller

Gotta love family guy!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Robyn's Bday

Last night a bunch of us went out to celebrate Robyn's day off birth. We started off at Uncle Julio's for some good ole Margareta's and Mexican Food. Then decided to head over to Front Page News to continue the drinking festivities. Happy Bday Robyn!

Birthday Day Girl

Lacy, Lindsey, Caroline, Drew, Kelly, Robyn and Terri

Kelly, Robyn, Rachel, Terri and myself

Terri strangling me

Empty Shots, shockers and Drew

Kelly, Robyn, Caroline and Drew

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today for lunch Terri and I decided to have a little Iron Chef dual in the kitchen. The secret ingredient........CRAB! It was pretty fun. We whipped up some ideas pretty quick. It think from start to go it was maybe 40 minutes or so. We both made two plates each. All were some kind of Crab Cake. We couldn't decide on a winner between both of our best plates. But who cares, we both had fun and some good eats! Check out the pics below.

The Spread

Terri's BLC Wrap, Tied for the top spot

My Triple Threat Cake, Tied for top spot

Terri's Asian Invasion

My Crabby Burger

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 08

This years Halloween was awesome! Terri throw a nice Halloween Bash at her place. We had a really good turn out, probably 30 plus. Terri and Driver did a great job setting the place up and making some grub. We also had many kick a$$ beer pong sessions. Below are some pics for your enjoyment.

Terri, myself and the first victim of the night

A Rat and Dead Bunny

Bad Stuff

Terri, myself and a skeleton

My Buddy and fellow Cobra Kai Member Mac with Ali

The Kellster and Terri

Sean sportin his best Gummy Bear outfit and Juan......with a red wig.....

The 80s Purdue Fan Caroline and The Sex Chef Drew

Drunk Adam and Dr. Driver

Major Chad and Lt. Landon

Simpson, Zif and Woody lookin blacked out


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bday Dinner

On Wednesday night Terri and I went out to Steel in Midtown to celebrate my day of berth. The food and drinks were really good! Both of us agreed that we must go back sometime. It was a really nice ending to what was a bad first half of the day. Thanks for brightening my day Terri!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Video of The Week

The more I listen to this song the more I like it, the video is kind of weird though. Check it out, hope you like it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Last night Laura, Kerri, Chad, Landon Savannah and myself went to Terri's for some good old pumpkin carving. We all had a blast! I think this was the first time I did something other than a tradition pumpkin carving. It was pretty cool, took a sec to figure out how it worked. Below our some pics.

The Crews Pumpkins

Terri and my Pumpkin. Her's was crazy detailed. Mine was a skull, what else would I do

Myself, Landon and Chad

Savannah, Laura, Kerri and Terri

Friday, October 10, 2008

Have You Heard........

Swim Swim

A couple weeks ago I got a membership to the Martin Luther King Natatorium. The membership for a year is only $90.00 total, steal! It gives you access to the pool and gym. I don't use the gym though since I use the one at work, free. So I obviously got the membership for just the pool. I must say it feels good to swim again. I am pretty tanked afterwards though. I still have the general technique, like riding a bike. Just need to get my endurance and speed back. That will take a little while. Now I'm not doing this to get on a team & be competitive again or to be like the big lurch (Michael Phelps). It's just adding another part to my workout route. We will see if this actually lasts though. That's about it, I'm off to day and super stoked about it!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gas Shortage

As some of you may or may not know there is a shortage of gas in Atlanta. I think maybe even through out the south. This has been going on for a week or two know, I think? Regardless though it sucks. People are running out of gas, lines are crazy long, fight at the pump, high gas prices, ETC.

Thankfully I moved close to the city a couple months ago and my work, most of my friends and most of the places I go are pretty much in a 5 - 10 mile radius. Which means that my use of gas is much lower than it used to be.

So I have a half a tank but decided to be on the safe side i should get some gas today or tomorrow. After I got done with my run this morning Terri sent me a text that one of the gas stations down the room has gas. This is important because most gas stations do not have any gas. I actually saw about 12 gas stations yesterday that didn't have gas. So I headed over to the gas station and waited in line for 20 minutes to pay to $20.00 cash limit at this station for gas.
Im at 3/4 a tank know and hope that will last me 2 weeks.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's New

Well it's been awhile since my last post. Nothing much is going on with me right now. Been working ALOT!

Since my move I have found a new love....Whole Foods! I dont recall ever shopping at one before. But have made numerous stops to the one on Ponce, which is almost next door to me! That place rocks. They make Pizza, have great dessert, good selection of meats, the list goes on and one.

Im glad that it's finally football season. JB, Mac and myself are going to spend the entire day Saturday Eating, Drinking and Watchin Football. Hoping that we can catch the Ducks game at 3:30 and see them trounce Purdue. Then the big one...USC vs OSU. Should be fun!

My Fantasy team is also off to a great start. Got a W in week one and all of my guys put up some numbers. Although I think I think a big reason I won was that Tom Brady was injured which messed up Rye Rye's team. O well, a win is a win.

The other weekend had a wine dinner part a Terri's. Drank ALOT of wine and had a blast. Still trying to figure out why I was not hung over.......Below is a pic of us acting stupid!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So I've been living at my new apt for two weeks or so and am loving the commute. It takes me about 18 minutes or so round trip! It used to take me 20 - 25 one way. I know that is not big deal for most Atlanta commuters, but I'm pretty stoked about it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Video of the Week

What's up people! Check out the video below. The name of the band is Lacrimas Profundere the name of the song is Again It's Over.

Moving Day!

Well it's official......I've moved out of Smyrna! On Saturday I moved my things out of my small studio at Post Spring in Smyrna. I spent three good years in my little studio. But it was time to get the hell out of Smyrna. I'm now living in the Virginia Highlands in a nice two bedroom apartment with my buddy Mac. I'm really looking forward to having a much shorter drive to work.

So Long Post Spring

My new roommate and Coca Cola enthusiast!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Has Officially Begun

So last night was officially the start to the 2008 -2009 NFL Season with the Hall of Fame Game Preseason Opener. And what better way to start it off then by having the Washington Redskins paly in the game. Their opponent, the Indianapolis Colts. I was super stoked to watch the game and see what kind of talent we might have making the team this year. Unfortunetly since I have worked two weeks straight and am tired as hell I went to sleep soon after the first quarter, lame...I know.

First thing I did Monday morning was check ESPN.Com to see who won and to see if one particular Redskin's player played, and if so how well he did. The player was rookie quarterback Colt Brennan, formerly known as The University of Colt Brennan, now known as The District of Colt Brennan. I was very pleased to see that he put together quite a game (9/10, 123 yds, 2 tds). Not sure if there will be any contreversy in the distrcit anytime soon though because starter Jason "Chunky Soup" Campbell had a pretty good game himself in limited action (5/5, 61 yds, 1 td).

More importantly the Redskins won. Granted it is preseason and mostly backups played the whole game for both teams and Peyton Manning didn't event play. But a win is a win to any fan!

Friday, August 1, 2008


As some of you know I'm a condiment lover. Most of the time I base what I going to eat based off of the condiment I feel like eating. That said I was looking through the condiments the week a Kroger to see if anything jumped out at me. Then I say a interesting selection called Bronco Bob's Roasted Mango Chipotle Sauce. Ever since I've put it on just about everything....Chicken, Salmon, Pork & Sandwiches. This stuff is pretty awesome, I suggest picking yourself up a bottle.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kelly's Bday

This past Sunday was my boy Kelly's Bday. So we decided to celebrate it Saturday night like grown ups do....getting faded. Well it was a complete success. Kelly got totally hammered and we all had a blast. The plan was to start the night off at Drew's house and then bar hop from there. We ran into a slight glitch though. That glitch was the we were a little to successful in getting wasted. So we just hung out at Drew's all night. Here's some pics

Drunks....Got To Love It!

Slap the Bag Kelly!

Drunk Girls With Red Eyes!

Big Daddy Drew...AKA G-Units Indiana Jones

Mac, Kelly and I.....Black Shits Rock!

$50 Per Shot....Priceless

Tonya and Juan

Lindsay and Lacey Showing Me Sexy

Go For Green Light!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sleeve Pics

So I've been meaning to post pics of my finished sleeve for quite sometime now, just been lazy I guess. Below are two pics so you can get the general idea. I still have a touch up appointment in two weeks so that Tim can take a look at it and make any shading adjustments that might be needed.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lake Time

The much anticipated lake trip finally happened this past weekend. Me and some Co-Workers rented a big ass Yacht and got our drink on. Fun was had by all. We drank alot, did alot of cannonballs off the yacht and practiced our UFC skillz. Check out the pics below.

Some of the crew

Go For Shots!

Robyn, Drew and Caroline

Meghan, Rachel Me and some Green Light Promotion

Meghan, Drew and Ermin

Meghan, Kelly and Caroline

O Snap!