Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kelly's Bday

This past Sunday was my boy Kelly's Bday. So we decided to celebrate it Saturday night like grown ups do....getting faded. Well it was a complete success. Kelly got totally hammered and we all had a blast. The plan was to start the night off at Drew's house and then bar hop from there. We ran into a slight glitch though. That glitch was the we were a little to successful in getting wasted. So we just hung out at Drew's all night. Here's some pics

Drunks....Got To Love It!

Slap the Bag Kelly!

Drunk Girls With Red Eyes!

Big Daddy Drew...AKA G-Units Indiana Jones

Mac, Kelly and I.....Black Shits Rock!

$50 Per Shot....Priceless

Tonya and Juan

Lindsay and Lacey Showing Me Sexy

Go For Green Light!

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Anonymous said...

Beer in green bottles taste like piss.......