Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video of The Week

What's up people! It's video time....Which means turn your volume up! The name of the band is Whitechapel and the name of the video is Possession. I just heard this band recently, really like there riffs and tones. Check'em out!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rad Dinner

Terri and I went out on Tuesday night to celebrate nine great months together at a nice little place in Inman Park called Parks Edge. We shared a ceviche like tuna and avacado appetizer as well as a smoked and spicey ceasar salad to start with. Both were great. We almost didnt order the Tuna app, glad we did, great flavors! For out our entrees Terri had Grilled Filet and I had a Spicey Sea Bass Filet. Like the appetizers both were great, we couldnt get enough. We finished it of with a Chocolate Molten Lava Cake. Yummy chocolaty goodness! After our meal we went to the bar and got to meet and chat with the head chef and the owner. Both were really cool and down to earth. The restarant was great and the company was even better! Check this place out if you have a chance.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Terri and I got back from our trip to Cancun late last night. We

had an absolute blast. As can be expected we didn't want to come home. We got up early Tuesday morning to drop off Trip and head to the airport. Our flight went out on time and were at our hotel by 11am on Tuesday. Our room wasnt ready yet so we headed to the bar, which was attached to the pool and right on the beach, and met our friendly bartenders for the week Louis and Gazpar. To the right you will see a pic of ourt hotel. We had a ocean view room so we woke up and went to sleep to the ocean every day! One of our favorite activities during the trip was snorkeling. We went 3 times during our stay. On Wednesday and Friday we walked over to Club Med, which was next to our hotel. for two of the snorkling adventures. They have reefs off of one of the sides of their resort. Its reserved for guest only so they have security on the look out for trespassers. But Terri and I were able to sneak over undetected each time. We saw alot of cool fish during our two dives there. The highlight was seeing a group of three large Parrot Fish on Friday. One of them was pretty big, maybe 3 - 4 feet. The midle one was probably 2.5 - 3 feet and the third was probably 2 feet. They were really colorful and let me get pretty close to them. We didnt have a water proof camera so I couldnt take any pics. But I was able to find a pic, to the right, on the information highway that looked kind of like the large on we saw. On Thursday we spent the day at Isla Mujeres, or the Island of Women as it I translated, for a day of snorkeling, exploring, a great lunch, driving a golf cart and holding a Shark. Thats right we held a shark, Nurse Shark. The little resort we went to for snorkling had some cool scenery and iguanas that were all over the resort. I wanted to try to catch one to play with. But didnt want to upset the wildlife, after all it is there turf. Then I would be the stupid tourist messing with the animals and ausing a scene. I was able to get some cool pics though to remind me of the little guys. There was one large one that we saw a couple times. He was pretty laid back until you got to 2 or 3 feet away from him, then we would run off. Leading up to the trip we were hoping to eat some really good food while we were down there. Our best meal by far was lunch on the Island of Women. Our dinner the fisrt night was pretty good aswell. One thing we were pretty happy about trying was a road side taco stand that a lady ran out of the back of her van. The tacos were great! And cheap! We got 5 tacos on Thursdy and Friday moring for $2.50 USD. We took a ton of pics. But didnt want to hog all of the pics and stories. Check out Terri's blog in a couple days for some more picks and stories. Terri....thanks again for perfect vacation. I had an absolute blast and can not wait to go on our next trip together!!!!!!!

Prom Party

I know Im a week late but between a busted computer and vacation I have gotten to post about the Prom Party.......So here we go! Last Saturday we had our 2009 80's Prom Party. We had a great shwoing for it! Lots of laughs, great outfits, 80's music and some good old beer pong! We had a excellent spread of little debbie's finest, which got pretty much cleaned out! Thanks to everyone that made it out. Congrats to King Sean and Queen Drver!

Your King and Queen

Terri and myself

Driver working her new crown

Party Pic!

Mac and Ali

Party Pic!

Savannah, Chad and Ladon. Gotta love the colors

Kevin and Erin

Kelly, Crystal and myself

A freak beer pong shot