Sunday, January 27, 2008

Co-Worker Throw Down!!!

After drinking SODA all day Saturday I decided to change things up and drink alcoholic beverages from Green Bottles all night. The reasoning…..A friend and former co-workers transfer to the Hyatt in Wichita to be the new Director of Sales. Congrats Aaron we will miss you! We partied it up all night in celebration of Aaron. As you can imagine the night was full of debauchery and good times.

Aaron smoking a victory cigar!

Robin, Drew, Alie & the Kellster

The Kellster, Aaron, Jan, Josh, Sean & Mac

Megan, Aaron, Mac, Terri, Robin & The Kellster

Me, Jan and The Kellster doing what we do best..

I should be the spokesman for Rolling Rock...


On Saturday Amanda, Jonathon, Mac and myself spent the day at SODA Land!!! AKA The New World of Coke. It sounds kind of touristy and what not but we had a blast. We pretty much spent the entire time laughing. The highlight of the field trip was trying out the various types of soda from various parts of the world. In particularly a soda from Italy called “The Beverly.” Im not sure what S*^% actually tastes like…But Im sure that it is something like the after taste of “The Beverly.” After we all tasted it we decided to lurk around the tasting area of “The Beverly” to watch reactions of people drinking this rank soda and then laugh at them. We even had some followers at times to join in on the laughs. Yes I know…..We are a great collection of human beings.

"The Bevery"

SODA Time!!!

Jonathon and Amanda Lurking around the Beverly

Drink the Soda Mac!!!

I love Soda!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Got My Ride Back!!!

So I got my car back today from a 4 day visit to the shop. Im not going to go into the details of the reasoning behind the visit to the Car Doctor. I will however leave you with a simple math equations to ponder:

(I Can't Drive + Curb) / I'm A Idiot = Busted Car

See it was that simple.

During the time my car was at the Car Doctor I had the pleasure of renting the smallest and cheapest car the money could by. Check out the pic below

O silly me...wrong picture

Here we go...Stock pic from Chevy

Sunday, January 20, 2008


That’s right people…..We got snow in the dirty dirty! On Saturday it snowed a good chunk of the day. Granted it was not anything crazy if you live or have lived in areas where it snows with any consistency. But for ATL this was a pretty big deal. I was pretty excited myself considering I have not seen any “Winter Weather” first hand since my first winter in ATL, 3 winters ago.

I went out to drop my car off at the shop and pick up a rental and the roads where pretty empty. I then proceeded to go to the grocery to pick up some Green Light and munchies. I walked into mass pandemonium! It was pretty funny. When I was driving home Channel 2 Action News was even posted up on the side of the road covering the "Snow Story."

And of course all of the snow is mostly melted today. But at least everyone in ATL has enough bread, eggs, milk and what not to last them 3 weeks.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Does anyone else find Wendy's dude wearing a red wig commercials / marketing piece kind of creepy? I mean when they first came out they were kind of funny. But I think it is about time to let go and move on. None the less my devotion to Dave Thomas and his delightful square never frozen hamburger patties has not changed. I still pay the drive through a visit at least two times a week. Think about it and let the ketchupy goodness sink in.....

Friday, January 11, 2008

Music Review

What up people! Here is a lil music review for those of you Metalheads looking for some good tunes.

Album - A good album to go out and pick up is Angel Maker by Burn in Silence. This is the first full length album for these 5 hard hittin dudes from Boston. This album spits out 4 sold singles (Lines from an Epitaph, Primal Human Pain, Angel Maker & Watching Dead Leaves Fall). The remaining 6 songs are pretty good to. The combination of hard hitting vocals, awesome guitar riffs and keyboards really work well for this band. Check out the video for Lines from an Epitaph by clicking here. mmmmm spaghetti?

Single - Killtank / Leverage by Bleed The Sky. This song F&*%'N Kicks A%$. It goes from having a calm chill melody. And then they drop the hammer and rock out. The rest of the album isn't to shabby either. The only weird thing about this song is that some website label this song Leverage and some label it Killtank.....Click here and press the green play button to check it out.

Overall these bans get a thumbs up from the Brownman. Show these bands some love and check em out. Later!

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Toy

For Christmas this year my rents hooked me up with my first iPod, thanks mom and dad! And I have no idea how I survived musically with out one. Im really surprised that I had not gotten one of these before with the number of CD’s that I have and how much I love to listen to music. This thing is pretty much the coolest thing ever made. Well except for Green Light, but don’t get me started. I mean I can now listen to what I want, when I want. Im just stoked that I don’t have to carry around a big ass CD cases anymore to find what I want to listen to… I just carry around this lil guy!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

O Joy!!!

Looks like I’m late again…..Happy New Year People! Hmmm what to say about 2007. Not really sure on where to go with that one. It certainly was a year full of its ups, downs and lessons learned. But I guess that happens with every year. Not really sure what 2008 holds for me. I know what I want to happen. It’s just a matter of if it will. New Years Resolution. I decide to take three simple things and combine them to make my resolution. The three being….Better Manage My Funds, Continue Going To The Gym and To Be Happy. That’s about it…..Bring it on 2008!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


This is a formal introduction to those of you that have not met or seen my roommate, good friend and pet Magnus.

Magnus is a Jungle Carpet Python. In the wild Jungle Carpet Pythons can be found in the Rain Forests of the Atherton Tablelands located in Northeastern Queensland, Australia. Jungle Carpet Pythons typically range from 4.5 - 7 ft in length. The Jungle Carpet Python is a subspecies of the Carpet Python.

I have had Magnus for about 2 years now. He is 5ft long and likely will not get any longer. The name Magnus came from a character in Anne Rice’s book series The Vampire Chronicles. Magnus enjoys hanging out in his water bowl, hanging out on his tree, eating unknowing rodents and long slithers on the beach. Magnus hates vacuum cleaners and Tennessee Volunteer Fans. Just incase you are wondering…….He is note Venomous or Slimy. I think I get asked that question by 8 out of every 10 people that find out that I have a snake. And I am happy to give these people a little general knowledge about snakes and how they really are. Snakes I feel get a bad rap by most people for one reason.....lack of knowledge. And of course movies like Anaconda and Boa vs Python.

Some of you are probably wondering why have a snake or how can a snake be a good pet or companion. The answer is simple…….Snakes are F*%$’N bad ass. Plus I love reptiles and having them makes me happy. And in life thats really all that counts, being happy. Below are some pics of the lil guy. Enjoy!!!!!

His Room

Magnus Basking In All Of His Glory

Up Close And Personal