Sunday, January 27, 2008

Co-Worker Throw Down!!!

After drinking SODA all day Saturday I decided to change things up and drink alcoholic beverages from Green Bottles all night. The reasoning…..A friend and former co-workers transfer to the Hyatt in Wichita to be the new Director of Sales. Congrats Aaron we will miss you! We partied it up all night in celebration of Aaron. As you can imagine the night was full of debauchery and good times.

Aaron smoking a victory cigar!

Robin, Drew, Alie & the Kellster

The Kellster, Aaron, Jan, Josh, Sean & Mac

Megan, Aaron, Mac, Terri, Robin & The Kellster

Me, Jan and The Kellster doing what we do best..

I should be the spokesman for Rolling Rock...


JB said...

Wow bro...Was it all what it was cracked up to be and more????

Brownman said...

The Green Bottles or the Party....Actually that does not really matter...regardless of the question the answer is yes!

BrownGal said...

Sorry I was not there..Aaron mentioned that no one from the Suites was able to make it but then again he said he was so wasted we could of said we were there and he would not of remembered. hahaha..glad he and you all had a blast!