Friday, January 11, 2008

Music Review

What up people! Here is a lil music review for those of you Metalheads looking for some good tunes.

Album - A good album to go out and pick up is Angel Maker by Burn in Silence. This is the first full length album for these 5 hard hittin dudes from Boston. This album spits out 4 sold singles (Lines from an Epitaph, Primal Human Pain, Angel Maker & Watching Dead Leaves Fall). The remaining 6 songs are pretty good to. The combination of hard hitting vocals, awesome guitar riffs and keyboards really work well for this band. Check out the video for Lines from an Epitaph by clicking here. mmmmm spaghetti?

Single - Killtank / Leverage by Bleed The Sky. This song F&*%'N Kicks A%$. It goes from having a calm chill melody. And then they drop the hammer and rock out. The rest of the album isn't to shabby either. The only weird thing about this song is that some website label this song Leverage and some label it Killtank.....Click here and press the green play button to check it out.

Overall these bans get a thumbs up from the Brownman. Show these bands some love and check em out. Later!


Docsious said...

Nice picture man. Had you just finished getting your daily PROTEIN!!! Do you need more PROTEIN??? Jager-bomb, Jager-bomb, Jager-bomb!!!

Brownman said...

Not now Chief.....Im in the F'n Zone!