Saturday, July 4, 2009

Relaxing Start To The Weekend

Terri an I decided to stay home over the 4th extended weekend to save some cash. But still tried to enjoy it as much as possible! Our Thursday started off by going to Marietta to play some golf, see Terri's Blog. After golf we hit up the Farmers Market to stock up on some groceries. After that we decided to use the new grill and make some pizza! We were going to make the dough......But didnt have the time or a bread machine. So we bought some premade crusts. We made our own sweet and zesty pizza sauce. Terri put basil and tomato on hers. And I had Hamburger and BACON! Using the grill to cook the pizza was alot of fun and added to the taste. After cooking the pies up we enjoyed our meal with some brews and UNO!