Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Food Stuff

Some good dinner the other night. Some Soy-Teriyaki-Honey Mahi Mahi, Wasabi-Ginger Smashed Potatoes and Green Beans. Good Stuff

Saturday, February 20, 2010


This year for Valentines Day Terri and I decided to sty in and enjoy each others company and cook a tasty meal instead of going out and dealing with the crowds. He had a realy good time cooking, the food was excellant and the company was even better!

We had some 3 Cheese Jalapeno Mac N Cheese, Crab Cakes with a Fennel Slaw, Rack of Lamb with a Mint-Cilantro-Honey-Tequila-Chipotle Crust and some Chocolate Covered Strawberries...Good stuff!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Long Time No Post

So its been awhile since I last posted. Had alot going on with the engagement, wedding planning, christmas, new years and work. Outside of those things not much has been going on. Terri and I are trying to whip ourselves back into shape. So far we have been dong pretty good job. But I have pretty much had one thing on my head the last few weeks....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

She Said Yes!!!!!

Hey People! I come to you today with great news! Terri and I are getting hitched! That's right, I dropped the big question last Friday! Friday the 13th to be exact!

I was off on Friday so spent the day getting ready. I blacked out all the windows to make it super dark in the house and laid out tons of candles and flowers, had some Etta James playing in the background and had a rose pedal trail leading to me on one knee. After listening to the rest of our "love tunes playlist" we made some calls and drank some wine and went to dinner!

We had dinner at Serpas True Food which is down the road from us. Dinner was really good! The company was ofcourse better! We had 6 apps and 2 entrees, we were too full for dessert! Seemed like the entire staff know about what had just happened. Our waitress was really nice and kept coming by to take random pics of us.

So life couldn't be better right now. We are super excited and looking forward to the big day! More on that to come ofcourse. Right now I just want my fiancee to come home from her business trip to Toronto.

I'm so looking forward to all of our new firsts babe. I love you so much and am so excited for this new chapter of our lives together to start! You have done so much to help me grow as a person and turn me into a better man, I love you so much!

Bling Bling

Candle Shot

Action Shot During Dinner

Meet the soon to be Brown's!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Early Bday Celebration

Last weekend Terri took me out for a little pre bday celebration. We went to a really rad dinner put on by Souper Jenny and her Underground Dinner Club. Terri sent in a E-mail a couple months ago to Souper Jenny to get invited to one of her exclusive dinner clubs. These dinners are by invite only and only 20 - 30 people get to go for each party. Just so happens that she got the invite to one right before my bday!

The location of the dinner was the Oakland Cemetary and the suprise chef was Richard Blais of Top Chef and Iron Chef fame. He is also the Creative Director at Flip Burger Boutique here in Atlanta. So the dinner was in a great pre hallowenn location and the chef is one of my favorites. To top it off we are "Required" to where black.....I think I have that covered.

Check out the pics below of the courses menu and what not. Again the dinner was super fun and REALLY good. Despite the 30 - 40 degree weather, we ate outside, Terri and I loved it. Thanks Cook, I couldnt have asked for more!!!!

Me, Richard Blais and Terri

Pic of the place setting and menu card

Opening Course....Corn, Crab, Black Garlic and Cotton Candy Soup. Really Good, my second Fav of the night.

2nd Course....My Fav of the night, Squid stuffed with Blood Orange Sausage ontop of Cornbread

3rd Course....Black Bass ontop of Groel (Risotto)

4th Course....Lamb with Cauliflower and Rosemary Fog

5th Course...Terri is holding up dessert for us.....Seaweed Cloud with Silver Linning

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why I Love Direct TV

For those of you that dont know Terri and I decided to cancel our comcast cable the other week. We got sick of paying alot for crap service, crap reception and a crap cable box that kept going out of service.

So we decided to trade it in for the dish. We got one of the basic Direct TV packages and added the NFL ticket. So I get to watch every NFL game in all its glory every week. That reason itself is more than enough for any guy in his right mind to love his new cable service.

But wait...there's more. The glorious antenna on our roof gives us much more in the way of sporting events. For instance I am currently flipping back an forth between 3 Hockey games and 3 College Football games. And if I liked Basketball I could be watching two NBA preseason games, but I dont. And just for good measure there are 3 College Football games and 2 Hockey games that will strt within the hour.......that said why am I on the computer........later!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football Is Back!!!!

Well my friends.....Football is back! The College Football season opened up this week. As usual there were highs and lows for me as a College Football Fan.

The lows had to be my Ducks losing on Thursday to Boise State on the infamous Blue Turf and my Terps also lost in disturbing fashions to Cal. What made the Oregon lose even worse was the fact that one of the running backs, LeGarrette Blount, sucker punched one of Boise States players at the end of the game. Not very sportsman like. And the Maryland lose was pretty much embarrassing, 52 - 13......

Despite the loses of my favorite teams something else happened that made it all better.....That being Oklahoma losing to BYU. I really dont like Oklahoma, and pretty much never have. And them losing to a Non-BCS team made it all better. Despite the fact that I do not like Oklahoma I do feel bad for Sam Bradford was injured. I do realize that the injury was a big factor in the lose, but you cant take that away from BYU. As it may it's still as lose. This week 1 lose and a very tough Big 12 schedule hopefully means that they will not be in the National Championship picture come December.

Looking forward to a good season. Just a couple more weeks till NFL, Terri and I just got the NFL Season Ticket.....So it will be even better! I can now watch my Skins every week!