Sunday, March 15, 2009

Prom Party

I know Im a week late but between a busted computer and vacation I have gotten to post about the Prom Party.......So here we go! Last Saturday we had our 2009 80's Prom Party. We had a great shwoing for it! Lots of laughs, great outfits, 80's music and some good old beer pong! We had a excellent spread of little debbie's finest, which got pretty much cleaned out! Thanks to everyone that made it out. Congrats to King Sean and Queen Drver!

Your King and Queen

Terri and myself

Driver working her new crown

Party Pic!

Mac and Ali

Party Pic!

Savannah, Chad and Ladon. Gotta love the colors

Kevin and Erin

Kelly, Crystal and myself

A freak beer pong shot

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Anonymous said...

It's the final countdown. dododdddodododddoooododododd. your valley girl