Sunday, February 22, 2009

Circus de Soleil

Last night Terri, her parents and myself went to check out the Cirucs de Soleil act in Atantic Station. It was freakin awesome! That was the frist time I had seen any of the Kooza acts and enjoyed every moment of it. It was actually the first time I had been to any circus since I saw The Ringling Brothers as a wee lil guy. This was no Ringling Brothers though. Lots of cool stuff like crazy tight rope walkers, a duo dancing with one unicycle, a dude balancing and making a chair tower that was prob 30 feet high, some cool contortionists and many others.

My favorite act by far was "The Wheel of Death". There were two dudes that were in this act. Each had there own hamster like wheel. The wheels were on either side of a long steel arm. They basically made this thing go round and round, vertically, in doing so they got major air inside the wheel and outside of the wheels by jumping around as the apparatus spin around. I was pretty freakin rad. My uncanny nack for bad descriptions does this act no justice. I had a great time, many thanks to Terri and her parents!

Since cameras were not aloud I couldn't get any pics, so I had to borrow these of the information highway.

The Contortionists. These ladies were crazy. One did something like the exorsism movie but with her whole body instead of her head.

The Wheel of Death! These duded were freakin awesome. I told Teri that I was going to try and be one. Dont worry, not goin to happen, not that bad a$$


Anonymous said...

The show was pretty cool. I even enjoyed to clowns. Thanks for coming Adam.


Ryan said...

If you ever get the chance, you need to go see "O" at the bellagio in Vegas. Its the one with the pool stage. Like nothing I have ever seen before.