Saturday, November 8, 2008


Today for lunch Terri and I decided to have a little Iron Chef dual in the kitchen. The secret ingredient........CRAB! It was pretty fun. We whipped up some ideas pretty quick. It think from start to go it was maybe 40 minutes or so. We both made two plates each. All were some kind of Crab Cake. We couldn't decide on a winner between both of our best plates. But who cares, we both had fun and some good eats! Check out the pics below.

The Spread

Terri's BLC Wrap, Tied for the top spot

My Triple Threat Cake, Tied for top spot

Terri's Asian Invasion

My Crabby Burger


Wes said...

Nice! I am going to the Iron Chef site and nominating you for the next round of competitions.

Anonymous said...

i looked at "the life and times" blog, i think it was by a jburns...
did you copy his idea with the food pics?????

you did didn't you!!!! !

CDE said...

That must have been fun! the food looks YUMMY!!