Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween 08

This years Halloween was awesome! Terri throw a nice Halloween Bash at her place. We had a really good turn out, probably 30 plus. Terri and Driver did a great job setting the place up and making some grub. We also had many kick a$$ beer pong sessions. Below are some pics for your enjoyment.

Terri, myself and the first victim of the night

A Rat and Dead Bunny

Bad Stuff

Terri, myself and a skeleton

My Buddy and fellow Cobra Kai Member Mac with Ali

The Kellster and Terri

Sean sportin his best Gummy Bear outfit and Juan......with a red wig.....

The 80s Purdue Fan Caroline and The Sex Chef Drew

Drunk Adam and Dr. Driver

Major Chad and Lt. Landon

Simpson, Zif and Woody lookin blacked out



CDE said...

AWESOME PICS!! such a good time!!

Ryan said...

Sweep the leg! Put 'em in a body bag Johnnie!