Thursday, February 28, 2008

Resolution Update

This year I decided to make Three New Years resolutions. These resolutions are typical, simple and attainable. I have been doing a pretty good job at keeping up with all three, good thing. My next three weeks and point of this posting will focus on one of them. That being the ever so popular going to the gym / being health resolution.

So I deciding to try and lose some of the layer of fat covering my abs. Unfortunately completely losing this layer is one of the hardest parts of the whole keeping in shape thing, especially when there is not a lot to lose. So here is the plan….

*Big Meals IE Bfast, Lunch and Dinner

-What’s aloud…Oatmeal, Cereal (Granola) & Salad

-What’s not aloud…Everything else

-Special Rule…(2) Meals a week where I can eat whatever I want


-What’s aloud…Cheese, Fruit & Jello

-What’s not aloud…Everything else

-Special Rule…Salsa and Chips once a week


-Beer…Over the past 3 weeks I have slowly lessened my consumption of Green Bottled Beverages IE Beer. I have decided that during this period I will step down as my role of Drunktown and completely discontinue Green Bottle consumption. And yes the world is still rotating on it’s axis.

-Liquor…Although I am stepping down as mayor of Drunktown I still have to have some interaction with my people. So I will partake in consumption of Vodka one time a week.

*Start Date and Length

-Sunday March 2nd @ 6:00 PM for 3 weeks.


-Certainly. It’s not like it’s some crazy over the top diet. I know how my body works and what I can burn well and not burn well. I think if I am able to keep it up I will see results. During this time I will of course continue going to the gym and what not. So let the games begin!

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