Saturday, February 23, 2008

Best Shows Ever

Im pretty convinced that the Discovery Channel has two of the best shows on TV currently. Jonathon and I watched these shows a couple of weeks back and I cant get enough of them now. These shows are Man vs Wild and Fight Quest.

Man vs Wild - This show is about this insane F*&^ named Bear who tries to teach viewers how to survive the outdoors. The kicker is that unless you are completely crazy and / or insane his advice will not be useful what so ever. Check out the video below about things to eat while caught out in the wild. Look out for the fish 48 seconds in....F'n CRAZY!!!

Fight Quest - This show is about two fighters named Doug and Jimmy. Doug and Jimmy travel the world to learn various fighting styles from around the globe. But Im not sure if it is more of a learning experience or simply two guys to get the S^&* kicked out of them. Any case Doug and Jimmy are two bad A$$ fighters that are getting a chance to experience something most fighters do not. Check out the video below for a look at the last episode in Israel and a couple of clips from other episodes. Look out for the Mortal Kombat Liu Kang kick 12 seconds in. Again F'n CRAZY!!!

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Ryan said...

I will admit that Bear puts on a good "show", but Survivorman definitely has him beat for bad-ass dude. Survivorman is just one guy and a camera, while Bear does his ridiculous stunts and then heads to the Ritz to wash up!!

I dont know what survivorquest is but I saw a show on there where they send regular dudes around to remote places to fight like tribal warriors......BADASS!