Monday, April 27, 2009

Sports Update

Lots of good stuff has been going on in the wide world of sports the past few weeks. Atleast for teams and sports that I follow. Hopefully that will be a trend of things to come.

Lets start with some good ole auto racing. Team Red Bull Has had two good weeks in a row with their Formula One Racing Team. Last week Sebastian Vettel won Team Red Bulls first F1 race at the Grand Prix of China. He followed it up this past weekend with a 2nd place finish at the Grad Prix of Bahrain. Sadly I missed last weeks victory. But saw race ths past weekend, which was pretty exciting. This weekend the Nascar Red Bul team also had a good showing t a crazy race at Talledage Raceway. Both Scott Speed and Brian Vickers finised 5th and 8th respectivly. This was one f the better races I have seen in a while, lots of crashes and excitment. Hopefully both teams can keep it up the rest of the year.

The playoffs started the other week for the NHL. My Canucks got off to a really good start by sweeping the Blues in convincing fashion in the first round. Next up.....The Chicago Blackhawks. The Blackhawks are looking pretty good this year with a powerfull offense. Luckily the Canucks have good defense and one of the top goalies in the NHL. My home team, Washington Capitals, came back from being down 3 games to 1 to beat the Rangers last night in game seven. Next up for them is are the Penguins. This shold be a tough, hard hitting and star studded series with between two teams with a rivialry going back to the old days of the Patrick Division days.

The playoffs also started for the NBA. But I dont really care about that.....

And to top it off the NFL draft was this past weekend. My Redskins didn't trade up to get Mark Sanchez like alot of people thought they might. But they did get the guy they had there eyes on....Brian Orakpo out of Texas. Orakpo was a Defensive End at Texas, but might play as a Linebacker in Washington. ither way hopefully he will be able to contribute to a alredystrong defese that also added one of the top free agents over the offseason, Albert Haynesworth.

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