Monday, April 27, 2009

New Home For Magnus

So I finally got Magnus's new cage last Friday. It took freakin forever to get it. I placed the order for it back in JUNE! But I finally got it, granted the order was not fully correct, but thats another story. I got him all set up yesterday and he seems to really like it. As you can see he has PLENTY of space to move around. Im probably going to get him some more sticks to climb arond on soon. Once he got settled and went exploring he went back to his favorite spot, his water bowl (Kitty Litter Box).


Anonymous said...

yay for Magnus.

Anonymous said...

Hello Adam,
Your cage for Mangus looks quite secure and it does remind us of the cage you made from the Holiday Inn used bureau. Too bad it too so long for you to get the cage, but it looks quite good. Take care and good going with the cage.
Mom and Dad