Monday, January 5, 2009

Hockey Time

Before the NHL Season started I took a look at the Thrasers schedule to see if they were playing my team, the Vancouver Canucks, as I looked down the schedule sure enough I see the Ole Canucks are on it! Even better, the game is in Atlanta and to top it off its on the Friday after New Years! Terri being the kickass girlfriend she is scoops up some tickets, 5 rows up center ice I add. We had a great time and saw a really good game. The game went into overtime, then shootouts and then sudden death shootouts. In the end the Canucks lost. But I still had a great time. Thanks Terri!!!!

Terri and I with our view

You didnt know that I play for the Canucks did you

Kelly, Myself, Ryan, JB and Mac

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