Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy Late New Year

Hapy New Year People! Well its another year down and another one started. Every New Year many people take a look at what they did, didnt do and what they want to do in the New Year.

At the start of 2008 I made 3 goals for myself or resolutions if you will...1) Be Happy 2) Save Some Money and 3) Eat Healthy and Workout. I feel confident to say that I was able to meet all of these goals. I certainly had times throughout the year that I was not demonstrating or acheiving these goals. I even questioned if I would make some of them at times. But, its a full year......what can you expect. Luckily I have some back up that have made me meet these goals and will help me not to forget them them in 09....Loving Family, Great Friends, A Job, Drive, Determination and a Rockstar Girlfriend.

So what are my goals or resolutions for 09? Well the 3 from last year are pretty important. So Im going to continue to keep those in my life. But I need to add to that to try and continue to better myself.....

1) Do some traveling. I just have not done it. Im the guy with no input when people talk about different travel or vacation spots. Then hear all the should go there, why dont you go or you have never been there?! I think its time for me to to experience some different surroundings and experience more of the world.

2) Think about others more. Just dosent seem right that when goals are thought of, put into action and made thats it is mostly about ones self. I mean we are all in this world together right? Im going to try to do more volunteer work and put myself in other peoples shoes more. The past 2 years I have done some form of volunteer / charity work 3 times a year about. Hopefully I can improve on that number and in the process pull others into it at the same time.

I feel pretty good using those as my goals or resolutions in 2009. The 3 carry overs are now part of my mind set and adding 2 more to it can only make things better!

Happy New Years Everyone!!!!!


JB said...

Good goals bro dawg...You need to check out the series at Buckhead Church right now concerning finances. Great stuff about saving, spending and giving...

CDE said...

Hey buddy! You have great new year's resolutions! Hope to do some of that traveling with you and Terri this year!