Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Unusual Pet?

What's going on boys and girls! So today I was tooling away on the old information highway and found an article that totally annoyed me. Granted I understand that it is a typical AOL Article and the subject is by no means ground shaking. But it is the type of article / subject that annoys me.

The article was "Do You Own An Unusual Pet." The results were F*^%'n typical. Snakes numero uno. Now I totally understand that there are a lot of people out there that think that snakes are weird, evil, slimy and dangerous. Im also sure that these poeple have little to no knowledge of snakes.

I then realized after going through this stupid list that either myself or someone in my immediate family has owned or currently has 5 of these 10 pets (Snakes, Turtles, Guinea Pig, Rabbits and Tarantula). And I have come very close to getting 2 of the others (Scorpion & Bearded Dragon).

Clearly my family and I like "unusual pets." I however like to think that we are just original. Mom, Dad, Matt & Todd.....this is one of the many reasons I love you guys so much!

If anyone wants to read this article written by what I am guessing is a dog lover click here. Just so you know this is not a shot to those that like dogs, this topic just really pisses me off.

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JB said...

I'm more of a ferret person myself...