Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Get The Clipboard Ready!

As some of you know the NFL Draft was this past weekend. Following the Draft Football fans across America are generally very happy, upset or on the fence with what their team did. Then there is the talk about which of the top 10 picks will actually be star players, who the late round gem might be and the trades.

As a Redskins fan the Pre-Draft talk certainly peaked my interests. What talk you say? The possibility of the Skins trading for Cinco-Ocho....Other wise known as the talented but overly chatty Bengal’s Wide Receiver Chad Johnson. This trade of course did not happen, which in my opinion is a good thing.

So that left the Redskins needing to go the route of the Draft to fulfill their Wide Receiver needs. They ended up picking up two of the top rated receivers in the draft, Devin Thomas out of Michigan State and Malcolm Kelly out of Oklahoma State. They also made some picks to help out their Secondary. But they had one pick that will forever change the history of clipboards in our Nations Capital....Yes my friends....I’m talking about The University of Colt Brennan!

Now I know what some of you are thinking…..Colt Brennan…..Isn’t he the guy that died is hair to look like the island of Hawaii? Yes it is. Now don’t get me wrong but I would love to see The U of C.B. be the future of the Redskins and lead them to the Big Game. But lets face it….The only thing in his future is clipboards and head set.

Now this is where some would argue with the numbers he put up in college. No need to….I’m aware that he passed for 14,193 Yards and 131 Touchdowns in 3 years. But he also played for the University of Hawaii in the WAC Division. There is nothing wrong with either of these, but he put those stats up against teams like Charleston State, Idaho and Double Directional Schools. He also made a lot of people question his potential ability to play with talent on next level based upon his performance against Georgia in the Sugar Bowl this past year. I’m not trying to put down his career, because without a doubt he had a great college career. But Andre Ware, David Klingler, Ty Detmer and Kliff Klingsbury also had great college careers. Who? Exactly!

My plea……Turn this small school big numbers theme around Colt. Die your hair to look like the District of Columbia and take the Redskins to the Super Bowl!


Mr. Z. said...

Hey Brownman,

Cut Brennan some slack. He will be 1 of the top 2 Qbs to come out of this draft. The Redskins got a steal!

Brennan didn't just put up numbers against the small schools (most of which when he did, was only in 2-3 quarters of game time), he also put up numbers against other schools including your beloved Beavers in 2007 - 37 of 50 for 401 yrds, 74% comp% w/ 2 TD (picked 2 times also, but harassed all game sacked 6 times). Also HUGE numbers against Boise (when they went to the Fiesta), Purdue, ASU, and UW.

Don't take too much stock in the Sugar Bowl game because even if either Manning or Brady were back there playing against college kids, they still would've got killed. If you saw the game, he only had maybe 4 or 5 times when he didn't have to run for his life.

Expect to see Colt take Collins job as backup before the start of the 09 season, and replace Campbell sometime during the year. Colt is the real deal...and is as accurate as hell.

JB said...

Instead of making DC in his dome, I say he rocks the hawk like a regular injun would and start shooting people with bows and arrows...

Brownman said...

Thanks for the feedback Mr. Z. Glad to see someone given The U. of C.B. some credit. Despite what appears to be nothing but negative statements in my post I am actually quite excited to have him playing for my Skins. Hence my plea at the bottom of the post.