Monday, December 10, 2007

Chomp Chomp

As most people know I have always hated the Florida Gators. That has some how changed for me this year. Jonathon and I were forced to cheer for the Gators earlier in the year against Tennessee. We hated both teams we decided to cheer for Florida.

Over the course of the game Jonathon and I decided to incorporate one of the all time best nick names for Tim guessed it.......T-Bone. The T-Bone chants came all night and were followed by the "T" sign, punching the middle of your forearm to form a T, I know.....we are brilliant. Ever since Jonathon and I have been makin T's & cheering for Florida.

T-Bone put the exclamation point on a great season by winning the Heisman on Saturday night. Ofcourse I did the T sign all night. The results was a very sore forearm from punching it all night and yes a hang over.

In other news Colt Brennan aka The University of Colt Brennan, the second best nick name ever(see above for the first), came in third in the Heisman voting. The highest finish for a non BCS school during the BSC era. I just love to see the non BCS schools do good. Especially since I hate the F*%$'n BCS!

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