Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good News.....Bad News

Its been awile since I've posted anything about sports. So I figured this is as good of a chance as any. All I rally got for you is Good News.....and Bad News....


On Sunday my favorite Nascar driver Brian Vickers drove the number 83 Red Bull Racing Car into Victory Lane! This was Brian's second career victory and the first for Red Bull Racings Nascar Team. Well technically he didnt drive into victory lane.....He actualy ran out of gas after the race as he was driving to victory lane. The last few laps were nail bitters. Not only was Brian running out of gas, but several other drivers were as well. I wasnt sure he was going to have enough gas to make it. But sure enough he did. Way to go Brian!


I dont think I really need to get into this one.........Yes that's A pic of Brett Farve...Yes he came out of retirement agian.....and yes he is now a Viking....

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