Sunday, November 25, 2007

Over The Top

On Saturday Jonathon, Amanda, Mac, Ryan and others witnessed a total over the top Tennessee fan. And it just so happens that this girl was sitting at our table.

We found ourselves at Jocks and Jills in Midtown on Saturday watching the Tennessee vs. Kentucky game and the Georgia vs. Ga Tech game, Buzz Buzz! We should have known that we were in for a long day when this avid Tennessee fan told Ryan to leave because he was cheering for Kentucky. And when Ryan tried to speak his case he was told “we were here first” what is this…..Kindergarten?

The rest of day consisted of this girl saying F*&$ You to just about every single Kentucky and Georgia fan in the building. O and by the way when I say she was saying it…..I mean that she was screaming it at people and finger pointed in random peoples faces. She then proceeded to get into a fight with some girl in the bathroom because she was a Kentucky fan, she then tried to get into arguments with Mac and myself about a clear and cut Kentucky touchdown and a panda bear. She then teamed up with a girl at a near by table that just just about if not more psycho.

This girl was so bad that the waitress and many other patrons would walk by and look at her and the table with the “Are you for real” look. I totally wish I had some pics or camera footage of this train wreak.


JB said...

Just fell off a chair...You rock bro...

Barbara said...

She was your date, right?